I met up with Colin and Dave not far from where I live, which is nice as I am usually travelling all over the place. I had driven past this odd looking building many, many times and decided that it would make a great place for a shoot… but I had to wait until I found suitable cars. Colin is no stranger to me as I previously photographed his 1955 Chevy Bel Air for American Car Magazine, now with his ’40 Coupe for Street Machine and he introduced me to Dave with his ’32 Roadster. The then editor of American Car has re-launched Street Machine and suggested that they be shot as a dual feature. The building is actually an old parachute bunker and the grey structure behind the Coupe is an overturned, weathered lorry. With a very bright sunny day the weather caused me all kinds of reflection issues with Daves gloss black paintwork, so out come the large flash units to try and overpower the sun. It was a great shoot, although very hot and I love the results. Like and Share!