Sierra 2.0GLS Sleeper – Street Machine Oct ’17

Some days you just wake up and end up doing things you didn’t expect to. On this day I had actually planned to photographed 2 Austin Devons which will appear next year in Street Machine Magazine. The Devon’s brought along Mike Perrot who owns this Sierra sleeper, after a quick look around it I knew it would be suitable for Street Machine and so gave Dave a call. He agreed it would be perfect so I photographed it straight after the Devons. This is a 1992 2.0l GLS which Mike turned into a V8 monster. Published in the October 2017 issue of Street Machine.

Period-Perfect Pop 100E – CFM Dec ’17

It was the first show of the season back in March at the Detling show ground, it was cold, wet and windy as it is every year at that show. Hidden amongst a load of other cars, which were not Sidevalves or at least Fords with Mike’s beauty sitting there ever so proud. I couldn’t find Mike at the time so went over the the Ford Sidevalve Owners Club to see if they knew who the mystery car belonged to and why it wasn’t on their stand! Eventually we tracked down Mike who told me all about his story, I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity and arranged a photoshoot with him and his car or the December 2017 issue of Classic Ford Magazine. The location we chose due to the relation of it to his family history. I hope you enjoy this beautiful Pop as much as I have.

Factory Fresh Capri 2.0S – CFM Dec ’17

It was a scorcher of a June day when I met up with Andrew to photograph his beautiful 1979 Ford Capri 2.0s. Looking factory fresh with that deep gloss black it really stood out against the softness of the landscape. I took along with me Chloe Biddis who was my assistant for the day and she did an amazing job so thank you Chloe. The shoot was for the December 2017 issue of Classic Ford Magazine. I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed capturing the character of this heritage masterpiece.

Kent’s All Ford Show 2017

It was a monster turn out this year at Kent’s All Ford Show held at The Friars, Aylesford Priory. We clocked in over 600 cars between 7.30am – 10.15am. There were plenty of trade stalls, some great old bands playing and no rain!

Below is a set of images taken which we sold prints of during the day, for those who purchased prints please feel free to use these images but leave the discrete watermark on as this helps keep us going 😉 If you attended but didn’t buy and would like a print and/or a mug email with you car make, model, colour and entry time (this can be found on your card).

Personalised Car Mugs

MKII Escort Street Racer

For the January 2017 issue of Classic Ford Magazine I photographed Alex Eliott’s Blood Orange MK2 homebuilt Escort. Not being local to Peacehaven I decided to take the missus out with me for the day so that we could visit Brighton in the afternoon. On the way we kept our eyes out for potential locations and came across the old Lido, it is currently being restored but the back wall had been left open which fit in perfectly with the character of the car. It was certainly a fun shoot and well timed as it started raining heavily after we finished. Thanks Alex!