Land Rover Discovery

As part of my continual development as an automotive photographer from time to time I just jump into my car, take a drive and see if I can find any interesting vehicles parked up somewhere. On Thursday I returned home to find that the electric was going to be off all day, so I grabbed my camera in hope that the weather would clear and I would find a clean enough car to photograph.

Driving round a local estate I came across this Land Rover Discovery sitting on a drive of a modern British house finished in red clay brick and white. Everything seemed so clean and white that I just had to stop and capture this image.

Automotive Photographer photographs Land Rover Discovery

If it were to be used on their website it may look like this:


1959 Chevrolet Apache – ACM

In the December issue of American Car Magazine you will see this customised 1952 Chevrolet Apache that I photographed back in May. It was a car photography shoot I did for Nigel, who is part of the Green Fish Racing team; this was photographed in a barn in Kent. It has a Mopar lump in it and pushes around 500-550bhp. It is available in the shops now so make sure you grab a copy to find out more about it.

Below you will find a selection of images from the shoot: