2018 was a year of change, challenge and accomplishment for me, with numerous awards and personal accomplishments along the way. Each year I like to look back at what I consider to be the “Best Bits” which include the imagery I like best; which isn’t always the clients first choice. I started to do these year in reviews as a way for me to battle low self esteem and confidence, in 2018 I bought myself a little black book and started to write down my achievements no matter how small. During the year I lost my little black book and will explain why a bit further down the page.

On Christmas day 2017 I received a phone call from Jeep Chrysler in China and was asked to bid on a piece of work for the Jeep K8 Concept Car, the agency loved my treatment document and I made it through to one of the top two photographers shortlisted. The second photographer was Easton Chang, an Australian photographer whose work I admire. Unfortunately neither of use got to photograph the car as it wasn’t built in time for the promotion and so instead some CGI renders were created.

The image below is based on some ideas generated from the treatment document I created for Jeep Chrysler, the Mercedes I photographed at the end of 2018 at Mercedes Benz World, of which I originally helped build the landscaping before I turned to photography.

Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 V8 Bi Turbo
Kent Chamber Awards

Finalist for Kent Chamber Business Awards

In November 2017 I launched a new business called Scorpion Media, I created Scorpion Media to support local small businesses in Kent. I found most my local clients did not have a web designer or a graphic designer and therefore found it hard to give good image briefs. I introduced to them a Visual Branding package where I would design and build a website so that their imagery could be planned and shot for its specific use. 

Asked to provide training by Canon for Canon Pro members with the Porsche Club GB

In February I was approached by Canon UK & IE to run a two day workshop for the Pro Members alongside Top Gear Photographer Rod Fountain. There were 75 participants per day, whilst I concentrated on Artificial and Mixed Lighting including smoke bombs, Rod concentrated on Natural Light photography. Below are a few images from the event.

Porsche Carrera GTS in Smoke

Awarded Associateship of The Master Photographers Association

In 2017 I was invited to Licentiateship my The MPA for my work and invited to talk at their annual awards weekend. In 2018 I successfully submitted an associateship panel and was awarded an Associateship of The Master Photographers Association.

Bought my First Home

It is such a struggle as a self employed person to find a mortgage deal, let alone a good one. I finally reached the milestone I needed to be offered a mortgage and we bought our first home together, which we moved into in July. My parter Dora and I will have been together 8 years this April and agreed not to get married before we have a home. We now have a home… and a puppy Husky called Dusty… and a cat called Daisy… and a Turtle called Donny… so that’s Darren, Dora, Daisy, Dusty and Donny hmm what to call our children when we get around to it? Anyway we are pleased to announce that the wedding has been set for 10th April 2019 🙂

Hired a Personal Assistant

I realised that there are only so many hours in a day, therefore from time to time I need a little help. I hired Kelly for a few hours a month to help keep me on track and keep in touch with existing and new clients. Kelly is a god send!

Won London & South East Commercial Master Photographer of the Year 

Ray Lowe shakes my hand as he acknowledges my award, the winning image is that shown of a DS Divine concept car. The MPA have been a major driving force in the past year with both my personal and professional development.

Finalist for the Illustrative Category at the Annual Master Photographers Association Awards plus 3 Merits

To be awarded finalist at a national level was a great achievement. This year I have spent some on personal projects for self development, this image is part of my personal project on mixing car photographs with graphical imagery. It was originally shot as a feature for Classic Ford Magazine, it is a MKI RS2600 Prototype Capri one of only two prototypes made in their German Factory.

Increased Value of Brand by 25%

Pearlessence London approached me to help photograph their luxury bathbombs. Their graphic design and website looked great apart from the imagery wasn’t representative of the quality of the brand and product. Each bathbomb has a ring inside worth £20-2000, its a bit like a kinder egg for adults and each bomb was being sold for £20. Since working with the company on both still and animated imagery they have now increased the price to £25 and have higher sales.

Overcome New Challenges

SuperGlass Maidstone challenged me to photograph a Maserati window glass as part of a before/after promotion. The initial image needed to show the damage and the second image had to show the repair. Each shot was taken 2 weeks apart, each shot needed different lighting, the window had to appear support-less and the background needed to remain consistent. After a lot of planning and testing the final result was stunning.

Re-Launch of Portrait Studio

I was approached by Theatre Royal Stratford East to photograph their actors profile headshots for the season. It was back in 2012 that I closed my studio doors to portraiture as was mainly out on location photographing cars and products and therefore had no need for the studio. However after photographing these actors I decided that it was about time I started to shoot portraiture again and have just relaunched Portraits in Kent www.portraitsinkent.co.uk 

The following images are a collection of different client and personal work that I enjoyed from the last year, the work includes a trip to the Lake and Peak District, some portraiture including test shots from the new Canon EOS-R and the wedding of my cousin Scott. Enjoy!