Citroen DS Prototype 2015

This year is full of beautiful prototypes and the Citroen DS Prototype is no exception. Beautifully designed curves and diamond patterns throughout make this car look sensational.

This is an image I have been working on the last couple of days which I took late in June, I love the way it’s grill glistens in the sun and creates a beautiful contrast between highlight and shadow but I would not like to have to clean it.

Audi TT with Tandy

Recently I have been contacted by a few retouchers looking for collaboration, I was finally impressed by one guy in-particular and thought it was time to give it a shot and see what others can help me to achieve. The person in question was Nick Tandy, a very talented retoucher from right here in the UK.

The image we used was one that I shot at Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier in June, with many cars on display it was hard not to take a few pics. Nick took the racing TT and put it right where it should be, speeding up the track. A good start which will hopefully lead to a great professional team in the future.