Another South London Classic although this one is on the border of Kent near Sidcup. I met up with Scott Jeffery back in July to photograph his Anglia 105E with a Zetec SE engine swap. Despite the best of planning I couldn’t quite get the car to the original location… it appears a barrier has grown down the small dirt track I had originally planned to take it down. Despite the initial hiccup we found a nice quiet location where the softness and subtlety of the grass blended in well with the B-Road/Race car practical drive.

Having loved the shaped of the Chevy Bel Air (search my archives and you will find a few) Scott fell in love with the shape of the Anglia as the rear wings are similar in shape to those massive American fenders we all know to love. You can read the full article in the November issue of Classic Ford Magazine which is now only available on back issue. Hope you enjoy the images below from the shoot and that they act as inspiration for your next project: