1966 Plymouth Satellite – ACM

American Car Magazine asked me if I would take a trip up to Herfordshire to photograph a 1966 Plymouth Satellite, it is completely out of my area but this kind of request seems to be becoming more often recently, I guess my images must be getting better 😉 Anyhow my assistant Dean and I went off to meet up with Rob Wells from Lewis racing to photography his super stock car, full steel this car is big and heavy but still manages to run 11s on the strip. It was a glorious day which resulted in some interesting tan lines. Enjoy:

MKII Escort Street Racer

For the January 2017 issue of Classic Ford Magazine I photographed Alex Eliott’s Blood Orange MK2 homebuilt Escort. Not being local to Peacehaven I decided to take the missus out with me for the day so that we could visit Brighton in the afternoon. On the way we kept our eyes out for potential locations and came across the old Lido, it is currently being restored but the back wall had been left open which fit in perfectly with the character of the car. It was certainly a fun shoot and well timed as it started raining heavily after we finished. Thanks Alex!

Granada MKII 2.3 GL

These old Granada’s are getting harder and harder to find since they become popular in the destruction derbies. This saloon is probably the most mint example I have come across and it hasn’t even been restored. Owned by Jon Roberts it is one of the first 100 to roll of the factory line, being sat garaged for over 30 years the mileage is pretty low too. This was photographed as a buyers guide for Classic Ford Magazine Dec ’16 issue, initially I didn’t think too much about the location as it was to be cut out and put onto a white background. Now I look at the original images I realise the background I shot it was actually perfect and wish I spent a bit more time composing it a bit more centrally. However to find out more grab a copy from the shots and enjoy the details below:

Father and Son Pops

Red is certainly the colour to catch your eye and a 6am call time makes your eyes a similar colour. It was important to arrive nice and early at our venue as later during the day the sun is in the wrong position and the pedestrian movement gets rather busy. Mark and Mike’s Pop duo look and sound amazing, if you get to see them at the odd show they attend it is worth taking some time to have a good look. I am not going to say too much about them here as you can read the full specs in the December issue of Classic Ford Magazine. Enjoy the set below:

Anglia 105E Zetec – Practical Magic

Another South London Classic although this one is on the border of Kent near Sidcup. I met up with Scott Jeffery back in July to photograph his Anglia 105E with a Zetec SE engine swap. Despite the best of planning I couldn’t quite get the car to the original location… it appears a barrier has grown down the small dirt track I had originally planned to take it down. Despite the initial hiccup we found a nice quiet location where the softness and subtlety of the grass blended in well with the B-Road/Race car practical drive.

Having loved the shaped of the Chevy Bel Air (search my archives and you will find a few) Scott fell in love with the shape of the Anglia as the rear wings are similar in shape to those massive American fenders we all know to love. You can read the full article in the November issue of Classic Ford Magazine which is now only available on back issue. Hope you enjoy the images below from the shoot and that they act as inspiration for your next project:

MKI Escort South London Style

Classic South London looks this MKI Crossflow-powered 1700 Escort I photographed for Classic Ford Magazine has plenty of trick touches.

I met up with Stuart Woolley at his home in South London, I had an idea of the type of location I thought would suit this car but as am not local to the area was a little lost. Stuart said he knew a couple of local industrial estates we could take a look at, we drove past what I thought was the perfect location and about a mile down the road Stuart pulled over, I thought he was taking us somewhere specific. Having only seen the columns from the road I suggested that we go back and take a closer look, on entering the car park it became apparent that this car and the location were meant to be together.

Unbeknown to me Stuarts mother worked in the building that owned this space, after a friendly chat with the security guard who he also knows we were allowed to shoot. This has to be one of my favourite shoots of 2016 and I am so happy to finally be able to share it with you!

RWB UK Trailer

Currently I am working on a short documentary showing the build of the first Rauh-Welt Begriff 964 Porsche 911 build in the UK. RWB is run by Japanese car designer Nakai-San, he creates wide arch body kits for Porsche’s and tailors the cars ride to that of the driver.

In the last year alone Nakai-San has built over 60 RWB’s across the world, his designs are now so famous that they are used in The Need for Speed video games. This 964 is the first to sport the Royale wide arches and Fender wings and is also one of the first to have a sound system.

The full feature is expected to be 20-30 mins in length and will be released late in 2016. For now I hope you enjoy this 36 second teaser. To keep updated on the progress follow my social sites which are available at the top of the page.

Volvo 1800S

When visiting a farmers market I came across this 1969 Volvo 1800S owned by Lawrence Harrison. It is in beautiful condition and I knew at that point I just had to photograph it. I thought it would fit a magazine feature perfectly but unfortunately Laurie had only owned the car for a couple of months so there was not much of a story behind the car.

Laurie is a member of the Volvo Owners Club and first showed the car this year at the Gears of Change Motor and Military show in Kent. Since owning it in July 2015 the engine has had some work and the track rods adjusted along with a leather seat restoration. Below you will find the images from the shoot that we took: