It was a very wet day for car photography when we went out to shoot in Dartford, Kent when we came across this nice archway in a privately owned plot of land. After a bit of haggling with the security they allowed us an hour to shoot, by the end of the shoot the puddle you see by the cars wheels had pretty much filled up the whole area and my shoes. Afterwards I took a trip to Asda to get myself some dry socks and some cheap shoes to keep me warm on the way home. Below are a few images from the shoot and the tear sheets.

Automotive photographer Darren Woolway gets Front Cover

Dave Reed’s Anglia received a cracking feature this month on Classic Ford and was very well deserved, they even gave him 50% of the front cover. If you are into modified, clean and drivable Anglia’s then you need to grab yourself a copy of the January issue of Classic Ford Magazine from the shops and check out the car photography and write up.