King of The Hammers, is the ultimate off-road racing challenge, where adrenaline meets grit, and determination meets the unforgiving desert terrain. In 2024, amidst the roar of engines and the dust of the desert, an unforgettable story unfolded, as Jim Marsden, the seasoned driver for Gigglepin Racing, embarked on a remarkable journey.

The Proposition:

Every race has its own set of challenges, but for Jim Marsden, 2024 brought a unique proposition. Jimmy Jack from Jack Racing extended an invitation for Jim to race his car. A gesture born out of Jimmy’s inability to race due to a past accident, he entrusted his car to Jim, eager to see it back on the track. With a spirit of adventure, Jim accepted the challenge, marking his return to King of The Hammers after nearly a decade.

The Team:

With the proposition accepted, Jim assembled a team of seasoned professionals to tackle the challenges ahead. Alongside Co-Driver Helder da Rocher from Portugal, the team included Michael Whitting as Chief Crew, James Sutton-Smith as Crew, and Darren Woolway to capture every moment of their journey.

Challenges and Triumphs:

Testing revealed significant shock tuning issues and a critical problem with the reverse gear. Despite these setbacks, with the expertise of Kings Shocks and Maximum Transmissions, the team pressed on. Qualifying saw Jim finishing 89th overall but showing promise by securing the 3rd position in his class. The main race presented its own set of challenges, from a fuel leak at Remote Pit 2 to running out of fuel just miles from the finish line. Yet, in the face of adversity, the team persevered, with Co-Driver Helder running back to town for fuel and back to the track, ensuring they crossed the finish line in 10th position in their class, with another 10 finisher cars following behind.

The official race time was 9:24:45.218 with a 13:30 of penalties with an actual race time of 9:11:15.218.
Randy Slawson in car #4848 with a time of 4:46:41.129 was the overall winner of The Every Man Challenge; driving a 4800 in the Branik Motorsports Legends Class. In the 4500 Yukon Gear & Axle Modified Class; which Jim was racing, Duane Garetson in car #26 won 1st place, Shad Kennedy in car #29 came 2nd place and in 3rd place was Steve Crawford in car #4532.
Looking Ahead:

As the dust settled and the engines quieted, Jim Marsden’s resolve remained unshaken. Despite the hurdles faced in 2024, the experience only fueled his determination to return stronger in 2025. With plans to bring their own race car, the anticipation for the next chapter of their King of The Hammers journey is palpable.