This year has been quite an exciting time, lots of changes and new adventures. I have had a quick look at all the shoots I have carried out throughout 2016 and tried to choose just one image that I like from each set, these may not have been the published image choice but is my personal choice. There are a few shoot days missing here and there such as some events but you can find a few of those over on the blog.

In 2017 I am looking to photograph more commercial campaigns for cars and products, I am going to expand into headshots for LinkedIn profiles as well so if you are in need of an image get in contact. Winter is a slow part of the year for me so I decided to use the time to plan and execute some new product images to improve my portfolio.


25th January – Versace Eros, a self initiated shoot.

25th January – MCE Watch, a self initiated shoot.

27th January – Bleu De Chanel, a self initiated shoot.

27th January – Versace Woman, a  self initiated shoot.


1st February – Chamilia Beads, a self initiated shoot.

1st February – No.7 Early Defence skim smoothing cream, a self initiated shoot.

5th February – MAC Cosmetics, a self initiated shoot.

24th February – I took a trip into London to pick up some mail from the office, couldn’t resist taking a pic of this weird looking piece of architecture on City Road.


10th March – My cousin contacted me about photographing his Audi as he had some new wheels and grill on the car. I have included 2 images from this shoot as couldn’t decide on a favourite. I did several shoots for him this year as you will see further on. READ MORE

11th March – Once a year I visit Rose Bruford College to photograph their Ready Steady Light event, however at short notice I was asked to photograph one of their theatre productions. This was my favourite as I loved the effect the torches gave in the smoke.

12th March – Ferrari Testarossa, a beautiful classic owned by Profusion Customs. This was a test shoot to show how I can perform to win the RWB UK contract. I later took on both the stills and moving image of the first RWB UK Porsche 964 911 Royal Wide build here in the UK. It will be released early in 2017. READ MORE

14th March – Millie Cox, I first met Millie when I was photographing night clubs. After a successful shoot last year we got back together for a shoot in 2016, Millie is such fun to work with and her poses are simply beautiful. I photograph people mainly as a hobby these days and really enjoy it. READ MORE

19th March – Ready Steady Light at Rose Bruford College, this is a Competition run for South London schools who compete against each other to light parts of the college with a maximum of 6 lights. It is always a fun thing to photography as I love lighting design.


24th March – Ford Cortina in the Darenth Valley, this was photographed for Classic Ford Magazine and is awaiting a publishing date.


16th April – A shoot with Valerie, booked last minute due to a cancellation Val did a great job. I just love how a small pocket of light picks up part of her face as we look through a frame of derelict timber. READ MORE

25th April – It’s Jamie’s Audi again however this time a trip to London was in order. It was a rainy night and I questioned whether it was worth going because of heavy cloud cover. Despite the weather we produced some beautiful images. The underground car park is actually in Maidstone. READ MORE

29th April – Firetherm Fleet, a quick job to photograph two new vehicles together. The final image will have the vehicles cut out on a white background as a hero image. READ MORE

29th April – Granada GXL, photographed for Classic Ford Magazine. READ MORE


4th May – Corvette Cross Fire Injection, photographed for Profusion Customs.

6th May – The Drifters, Jahson put on a charity tribute evening to Lionel Richie to raise funds to help a young boy. READ MORE

9th May – Kelly Maynard, I met Kelly whilst photograph for nightclubs and asked if she would like to model for me. As it turns out she had just decided to give it a go and this was her third ever shoot. Kelly is an amazing model and within this short period of time is working full time as a model. She works well with or without direction and was a perfect choice for running a studio course later in the year.(Warning: Adult Content) READ MORE

14th May – Volvo 1800s, came across this beaut’ whilst visiting a garden centre. It is in mint condition and I really wanted to photograph it. The location had been freshly renovated so I wanted to try it out and the two combined looked amazing. The car owner had only just purchased the car so there was not a lot of history, without a story behind it I wasn’t able to get it featured in a magazine but did manage to create some memorable imagery. READ MORE

18th May – 100E Anglia and 103E Pop, photographed for Classic Ford Magazine this father and son duo was great fun. It also meant that the location made it to at least magazine 🙂 READ MORE


6th June – Becky Little, a fun bit or Urban Dereliction with Becky. (Warning: Adult Content) READ MORE

11th June – MKIII Escort Estate, for a special long roof edition of Classic Ford Magazine. READ MORE

18th June – MKI Fiesta’s at The Ace Cafe, this was a shoot for Classic Ford Magazine to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the MKI Fiesta. READ MORE

20th June – A quick fashion shoot with Katie to show off her new dress. READ MORE

25th June – 105E Anglia shot for Classic Ford Magazine. READ MORE


July didn’t have many feature shoots as we were at car shows photographing cars and selling prints, if you are running a show this year let us know so we can see if we can cover it.

30th July – Ali’s 50th at Leeds Castle, sometimes I cover events and this was definitely a fun one to do with an airshow, fireworks, fire breathers and stilt walkers. READ MORE


3rd August – Kelly Maynard at the beach, as we had beautiful weather and warm water I had to get a shoot at the beach in this year. Following the success of the first shoot with Kelly I booked her again to guarantee success.(Warning: Adult Content) READ MORE

24th August – Plymouth Satellite, photographed for American Car Magazine. 

26th August – The RWB project is well underway but lots of imagery and video footage to get through. We released 2 teaser videos, one for the launch of RWB UK and the second to wish a Merry Christmas. Until the article is released on the 25th January 2017 the video cannot be released. Check out the two teasers below:


28th August – MKI Escort South London Style, probably my favourite shoot of 2016, love the car and the location. READ MORE


Everything started to slow down from September as I was working on another project, but managed to get a few shoots in between September and Christmas.

6th September – Yes that’s right Jamie’s Audi again but this time he has custom wheels… I think he has forgotten about the 100E project he is meant to be spending his money on!

10th September – MKII Escort at Peacehaven, currently in this months issue of Classic Ford Magazine


8th October – Ford Granada, part of a Buyers Guide for Classic Ford Magazine. Was cut out and placed on a white background in the magazine. READ MORE

29th October – I know what you’re going to say… it’s Kelly again! Well yes it is but this time I used her to run a studio portrait photography class. Interested in Classes? READ MORE


From September to December I went to teach photography in a school for a while to catch them up on practical skills. One of the lighting set ups I taught them was for this bottle:


For the wind down to Christmas I joined an angling club and left my DSLR at home, however I had my iPhone to take some images of the beautiful scenery as I was fishing.

The frost just looked magical in the morning, with the Birch wood complimenting the colour scheme and the red sky as the sun rose it felt like heaven.

As the frost started to thaw out the woods sounded like a massive rainstorm had hit, very strange


I was fishing just below where the sun is.

Despite it being December 28th with a third of the lake frozen I managed to land 75lb of carp.