Ex-Drifters star sings his heart out to help boy walk

From time to time I get involved in some charity events as my partner works for the Kent Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance service. One of her colleagues, Veronica Wiseman was running an event to help pay for a vital operation to help Ruban be able to walk again, and I volunteered to cover the evening photographically of which was then used to help publicise his cause in the Kent Messenger. The operation costs a staggering £80,000 which will help release the tension in his leg ligaments followed by a lot of physiotherapy to help strengthen his legs allowing him to walk again.

Ruban’s parents Darren and Becki Chappel were overwhelmed by the turnout at the event held at Chatham Suburban Club. Jahson previous lead singer of The Drifters sang his heart out all night and didn’t even charge for petrol, he was surprised with some presents and a birthday cake as was his birthday the next day. The event finished with a staggering £2500 being raised, if you wish to donate please visit http://bit.ly/1TnNXrB

Check out some of the images taken on the night below: