After my initial excitement first thing in the morning from the success of the Yeti and SL550 images I had taken I had an urge not to waste the day. I had been planning to go out with my friend Ian who has a brand new, top of the range Range Rover Evoque; I wanted to take it down into the Darenth Valley for some nice scenic shots and the chance to get it to crash through the ford at Eynsford village.

The only problem with the valley is it is full of lots of small roads, which make stopping for a long period not really a viable option. This meant that I would be shooting 100% natural light. As we approached the bird of prey centre I shouted at Ian to stop as I saw the landscape ahead, I quickly jumped out the vehicle camera and tripod in hand and took a couple of shots. This resulted in the image below which got the attention of Land Rover USA who are now using the image for their social media feeds.

Automotive Photographer Darren Woolway shoots a Range Rover Evoque in the Darenth Valley

A bit further down this road is an old Roman Villa and a private track leading to an old farm house. As you enter the track there is a small wooden bridge which I thought would be great to shoot at, having the lovely texture of the old wood, the valley rising in the background and a hint of the farmhouse in the distance.

Range Rover Evoque by Darren Woolway Commercial Photographer

I was hoping that by the time we had returned to Eynsford village the sun would have been low enough to highlight the old bridge and ford, but unfortunately the trees and a couple of houses formed a shadow over the area I wanted the Range Rover to splash through. However I never leave home without a flash or two and after a bit of experimentation I got the flash in place to be able to photograph the vehicle splashing through the water.

Range Rover Evoque splashing through Eynsford ford by automotive car photographer Darren Woolway

There is one more image that I am waiting on, it is a moving shot with an avenue of autumn coloured leaves, come back in the future to see if I have managed to get it looking just the way I would like it. I showed the image to a friend of mine in America, and he wanted to have a crack at finishing it off; so let’s see what he manages to do with it.