Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to meet with several people including Sarah Daw photographic agents and CHI & Parntners in London. Looking to work out my next direction in my career, some of which I have already put into practice and the other is to take more self initiated imagery and to rework some of my old images slightly differently.

It was suggested that perhaps the original workshop floor of Noble Automotive might be nicer than the graphical one which I originally put in post production, therefore I decided to re-work this image of the Noble M600 Speedster prototype with the original floor. Below you will see the differences and I hope that you will comment if you prefer the original floor or the graphical floor so I have a better idea from a wider audience.

The best question I received last week was about this image, I was asked “How many plates did it take to light this shot?” at first I was confused… but then when I realised he thought it was a composite I was very happy to announce it only took 1 shot to light this image, however I did spend a good 3 hours getting it correct first.

Original Showing Light Positions

Original Retouch with Graphical Background
Noble M600 Speedster Prototype

Newly Worked Image with Original Workshop Floor
Noble Speedster

Please comment below whether you prefer the original workshop floor or the graphical floor.