Been sitting in the office today playing about with ideas, I love this shot of a BMW 218d I took a while ago but wasn’t sure what to do with it. I love the idea of using detail shots as a background for the main car to sit on so decided this is what I was going to play with.

Once created I dropped it into the template of the BMW website to see what it might look like. As an experiment I think it works reasonably well although I feel there is an element still missing. Due to not having a selection of close up detail shots I had to blow up part of another image of the front of the car to get the grille, so online the quality of the image looks okay but when printed the grille is far too low a resolution. In future when shooting a car I will do extra detail shots to allow for my afterthoughts, and I need a bit more practice at selecting the roof line as this was a little bit rough.