What are we looking for?


Your imagination, skill and humour to convert these raw descriptions, videos and pictures into social media posts worthy of the best!

We want everything added you would add in the real world. Hashtags, links etc… I have kept the descriptions small. It’s up to you to embellish and add flare if you think its required.

And feel free to explain your work, we understand this is going in blind. You can use all the files or you can just use some of them

But we want the following:


  • At least one video/reel that can be used on Instagram and why it’s for Instagram
  • A least one video/reel for use on Facebook and why it’s for Facebook
  • At least one picture or sequence of pictures to be used on Instagram that can be pushed through to Facebook.
  • A twitter post
  • At least one Tik-Tok post (but an explanation as why it’s aimed at TikTok)

Plus anything else you think is relevant.

Deadline 6pm Thursday

Media description:

Balkan 2018 (raw video): This is straight from the Balkan Offroad Rallye 2018. 5 days racing from west to east across Bulgaria. Gigglepin racing (Jim Marsden is driving and James Ayre is co-driving) raced over 1200km to win.

GP100: this is our flagship winch

Jim at King of Poland 2202: King of Poland 2018 and he has just completed a race session.

King of Britain 2023: (raw video) this from a few weeks back at Walters Arena, in Wales, at King of Britain.

Jim (Driver) and Jo (Co-Driver) were in pole position after winning the prologue and this footage is from the start of the main race. You can’t see, but there 25 cars lined up behind them, leaving the line two at a time every 30 seconds.

King of Britain 2023 heading up the rocks: Exactly what it says

King of Britain 2023 Super Sprint: It’s the end of day 1, we have won the prologue, we have won todays main stage and now it’s time to hit the Super Sprint which we win by 0.25 seconds.

King of Poland 2022: The new car (previously called Mistress, now called Jinx) on the rocks.

King of Spain 2019: Crossing the line to win the prologue

King of Spain 2019 wet: After beautiful weather for the prologue, this site received its annual rainfall in 24 hours. The team went on to overcome 12 flat tyres over 3 days and a co-driver change (due to illness) to win the title King of Spain 2019

Where to start?

When creating a campaign over several social media it is important to have a consistent message, a person needs to see something 3 times before it cognitively sinks in. Therefore when planning the content I want to create something that is recognisable, this could be the use of the same image across platforms, or the creation of a new tag. I believe it is important to create brand consistency, until I receive the branding pack I will work with the following colour scheme that I have pulled from the logo.



I want to create a punchy strapline that I can use across the various platforms. After a quick brainstorm of ideas I really like Grip, PULL, Play as it describes what the winch does and about the experience, it is fun and playful; therefore it can have a smaller font line to support it “Reliable & Uninterrupted FUN! This statement then brings in the reliability of the product whilst giving people faith of their fun not being interrupted due to it not being reliable.


Winch-In Logo Idea?

I noticed on the logo that I can make a new punchline logo for the command “Winch In”, this could potentially become part of a new hashtag.


Hashtags need to be created for specific audiences and specific purposes. Although you can add up to 30 hashtags on Instagram for example the algorithms can see this as spamming and therefore it may not be as effective as 3 to 5 well thought out tags. It is tempting to use Hashtags for sponsors or for vehicle manufacturers but this would be more successful by using @’s instead and tagging the image or adding “withs”.

There are generic hashtags which are well used such as #4×4, #offroad and #4wd; which should be used from time to time; however, as it is often used the post can easily disappear amongst all the noise of others posts.

There is a lot of Mud and Water involved in 4×4 racing and therefore it seemed appropriate to think of some hashtags that we could try to make viral. A couple of my favourites are #MudMadness and #MudMasters. It almost sounds like a name for a new event.

Then I thought about people who might not actually be searching for 4×4’s at all, for example someone searching #satisfying may not be searching for a video of someone cutting cheese but it would appear if it were searched. This led me to thinking about people who like to travel, those who like abandoned buildings and adventure and thought perhaps the use of #Offthebeatenpath, #wildplaces, #travel and #adventure may draw in a new audience.

Final thoughts were for a hashtag that users of Gigglepin winches can use to document their social media stories and for us to be able to find their posts easily. #MyGigglepin, #GigglepinAdventures and #GigglepinJourneys were amongst my favourites however for users to be able to spell it correctly and make it less winded I believe that #MyGigglepin is the best option.

At least one picture or sequence of pictures to be used on Instagram that can be pushed through to Facebook.

I am going to create a series of 3 images that when combined make one full image. This is so that as you scroll through the images on Instagram you see the full image seamlessly. Each image must be able to stand by its own without the support of the other 2, this way when it goes across to Facebook it won’t look out of place. I want the images to do 2 things, firstly showing the race itself and Jim as he is successfully completing a race session, and then a picture of the flagship winch to promote the product and attribute some success. We can then take advantage of Product Tagging.

The first thing I need to do is select and edit the images I need ready for creating the graphical content:


This image as a record of the event is absolutely fine, however I will be using it more for advertising purposes and therefore I will want to remove as many distractions from the hero and product as possible.


In this image I have removed the guys, gazebos and bunting on the right, removed the guy who was peeking over the back wheel and removed some white off the rock at the front right so it doesn’t distract.


In the final image I have changed the saturation in the building/container over the back left so now your eyes are drawn straight to the vehicle and rest there.


Although I enjoy the image with the CGI renders and plans in the background it isn’t going to work well for how I plan to use the image. There is some clean up and colour correction that needs attention too.


Using the Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop I isolated the image from the background so that I can use it the way I want to, this took some time but the result is fantastic.


I noticed that there was quite a bit of dust, a few machinery marks and other bits that needed cleaning up. It’s not perfect but at the resolution I will be exporting at you won’t notice the bits that were missed. Click the images for a closer look.


The image looked a little bit warm so I colour corrected the hue and saturation to make it look more natural, I finished off by sharpening the image.

Thoughts on Caption and Hashtags:
Conquering The King of Poland 2022 like champs!
🏁🏆 Jim and ‘Jinx’ rocked the rocks, 🚙💨 And when the going got tough, our trusty GP100 winch stepped in, proving why it’s the ultimate off-road sidekick! 💪🔥 Tell us, fellow off-road enthusiasts, what’s your go-to winning combo? Share your epic moments in the comments or tag us using #MyGigglepin and let’s celebrate the thrill of the trails together! 🌄🌟 #JinxRocks #GP100Power #OffRoad #adventure #offthebeatentrack


Why does this appeal to Instagram and Facebook users?
The demographic on Instagram has a slightly younger age range of 18-34 compared to Facebook where it is now a little bit higher than this due to it being an older platform. A younger audience is looking for something that looks bold and exciting, the low angle of Jinx in the shot emphasises height and power, slightly wide angle makes that front tyre really poke out into the audience grabbing your attention and the Winch-iN graphic is bright and bold and on brand. It has all the hallmarks of the high quality visuals that Instagram users have come to love. It shows a sense of lifestyle, travel and adventure which is what IG is all about. The caption is really engaging and uses relevant emoticons to add to visuals as well as some fun hashtags. The caption asks for user participation and it tells them how to do it. The centre image is tagged with the product and will link straight through to the product page on the website for purchase or to find out more information. The location has been tagged, as well as people (Jim) so it appears on his profile and the product tag.

Music to suit being played over 4×4 post should be energetic, adventurous and dynamic. Rock, EDM, Indie/Alternative, Action/Adventure Score would all be suitable. For this post though I think I would have to go with Battle War Drums (Action Intense Percussion) by EnergySound which is Royalty Free and available direct on Instagram.


At least one video/reel that can be used on Instagram and why it’s for Instagram

I have decided to create a Reel for Instagram using Adobe Premier Pro. I want the Reel to have a sense of Adrenaline; therefore it needs a quick transition between cuts 1-2 seconds for most of them. The reel will feature lots of water splashes where it is hard to see through the camera. I am going to use the sound Dramatic Reveal by SergeQuadrado as this matches the pace and build up I want to create.

I am considering using flash cards either in-between cuts or one at the end or even overlayed to portray what the race feels like. From the brainstorm my favourite words are Surge, Intense, Dominate, Adrenaline, Drenched, Unleashed, Chaos and Pulse. Perhaps a phrase such as Unleash the Chaos, Dominate the Terrain, Drenched in Adrenaline, Gigglepin; Wild Rides Await.

***Use a Mobile Device for Best Viewing of this Video***

Drenched in victory at The King of Britain 2023! 🏁💦 Unleashing chaos, conquering waterlogged tracks, and clinching the Super Sprint by a mere 0.25 seconds with 25 vehicles behind us! —Jim and Jo owned the day at Walters Arena, Wales. 🌊🏆 #OffRoadRoyalty #KingOfBritain2023 #UnleashTheChaos #gigglepinracing #mygigglepin

The Result:

After some experimenting I found that by trying to add cards in-between cuts reduced the amount of Chaos and increased the length of the video too much to keep it between 7-15 seconds for maximum impact. I settled on animating “Unleash The Chaos” transitioning into the logo “on road, off road, no road” as felt that was much stronger.


Instagram users are looking for adventure and travel, it is all about lifestyle and getting out into the world. This reel certainly gets the adrenaline pumping. 


Additional Content to enhance the reel:

  • Product Tags – Tag winches, add links to merchandise.
  • BTS – Short clips or images showing the team preparing for the race, getting the vehicle ready and the comaraderie between Jim, Jo and the crew.
  • Crowd Reactions – Cheering or responses to near crashes.
  • Interviews – Quick snippets with Jim and Jo, where they share their thoughts about the race, the challenges faced, and the exhilaration of winning.
  • Teasers – Tease upcoming content e.g. next race stage or bts look at the teams strategy.
  • Event Highlights – Compile a reel of the most thrilling moments from the entire event, showcasing the diverse challenges and emotions experienced by the team.
  • Response – Respond to users comments and questions, fostering a sense of community around the team and the brand.

***Use a Mobile Device for Best Viewing of this Video***

Rollin’ through victory like a rockstar! 🚙🎸 Our 4×4 ride danced its way to success at The King of Britain 2023, crawling over rocks to the beat of Proud Mary, and earning a sweet 0.25-second win at the Super Sprint! 🏁🤘 #4x4Groove #KingOfBritain2023 #RollinOnARiver #mudmasters #mygigglepin

Catch our Gigglepin logo jammin’ in sync with the action and stay tuned for more hilarious adventures from the off-road stage! 🕺💥 #OffRoadComedy #WaltersArenaWins #RockinRides

At least one TikTok post with an explanation of why it’s aimed at TikTok 

According to a report by Digiming, TikTok has 9.3 million active users in the UK. The main audience in the UK is made up of women between 13 and 24 years of age (25% of the audience) compared to 17.9% of men in the same age group.

With a much younger demographic it is understandable that some of the most viral posts are funny and not too serious. TikTok is a platform known for its fun and lighthearted content. The tone of the posts should be engaging, entertaining and relatable to the audience. It is important to make sure that the tone is age appropriate, avoiding bad language and anything that would be deemed inappropriate for younger viewers.

With this in mind I have chosen The King of Britain 2023 going over a rocky river and chosen Tina Turners “Proud Mary” as a backing track, I have cut to the part that starts “the wheels keep on turning” for the beginning of the video ending on “rolling on a river” on the outtro as the video looks like we are rolling on a river. I have increased the speed of the music to make it a bit more upbeat. The music is directly available through TikTok, however as I wanted to cut it and play with the speed I started editing in Adobe Premier Pro and then took it into Canva to animate the logo easier.

To add some humour I thought it would be funny to have the logo bouncing around as if it were a smelly hanging up inside the vehicle.

The hashtags include the event so that the post will be picked up when people search for that. We can add @ for the sponsors and tag them in the video too, helping our reach and encouraging them to re-post.

Additional Enhancements Ideas:

  • Duo/Trio Collaboration – if possible collaborate with other teams channels to create a duet or trio videos that play off each others content.
  • Reaction Clips – record reactions of friends or team members the first time they see the video.
  • Bloopers and Outtakes – Compile a quick reel of funny outtakes and bloopers from the race and the video shoot.
  • Audio – Utilise trending audio on the platform itself.

A Twitter (X) Post

Posts that do well on Twitter tend to be short and snappy updates, these are posts that are relevant and in the moment particularly around recent news. It is important to get your message across on the day of the event as the reach it has after 3 days of the event will drop to almost zero. Other ideas that do well on Twitter include trending topics, the clever use of humour and wit, questions and polls, Interactive Content such as Live Q&A’s, Personal Stories and re-tweeting others content.

For this example post I decided to concentrate on The King of Spain 2019 Win. The chosen image needed to be action packed to grab attention, although the muddy picture is quite cool it doesn’t quite have the same impact especially when telling a story about a win.

I created 4 versions of the visual, the first I wasn’t happy with how small the Gigglepin logo was, it needed to be bigger so it is easily recognisable, which can be seen in the second image. In the third visual I realised that the date was wrong for the time of year the post would’ve been posted… I know a little un-necessary but still important. The fourth and final image I realised that I wasn’t happy with how the Caption starts, it really needed to explain what the post was about in the first sentence so I changed it from “Revving up for adrenaline-packed action at King of Spain…” to “Gigglepin Racing WINS at King of Spain…”

The caption can be edited to include @’s to the other podium finishers where their names are so that it has a higher reach, we could include a weblink to Journal4x4 report on the event as this will help with the algorithms and SEO for linking to external sources.

At least one video/reel for use on Facebook and why it’s for Facebook

Facebook has 2.8 Billion monthly active users worldwide, with 44 million active users in the UK. The majority of users are aged 18 to 49 which gives the platform an older demographic compared to other platforms that haven’t been around for as long. As for engagement photo posts are the highest at 0.12%, followed by status posts at 0.11%, video posts at 0.08% and link posts at 0.04%. It is interesting to note that Photographic posts perform better on this platform than videos, however informative and instructive videos can still perform well. Facebook is a good place to get feedback from customers by asking questions and hosting giveaways.

For this video I am going to use the Balkans Win video. I will create some copy to accompany the post that attributes the win to mastering winching. I will link the video out to product pages and to the in-depth technical video of the winch by Jim. Please note this video is currently self hosted, links can only be added to videos once they are on their platform such as YouTube or Vimeo.


Additional Thoughts, Comments and Conclusion

Hi Jim,

Through this process I have tried to show as much of my thought processes as possible, when planning the creation of my own photographic and video content there are lots of other aspects that you would see such as Mood Boards and equipment list.

I didn’t use the logos that you sent across as needed to progress so I was resourceful and managed to pull logos off and modify them for my use from various documents and email signatures 😉 I decided to complete this project by creating a web page so that the data can be viewed more easily. Where possible I have included photochops of how the content may look once on the platform they are intended for.

I have carried out additional research to make sure that the content is suitable for the demographics of the various platforms, based on my research I plan to create checklist sheets of things to include in posts so as they are being created important content isn’t missed off.

This webpage serves as a secondary purpose, to showcase my other skills in design and layout, even down to the branding detail of using the watermark at 5% in the background. I do hope that you have enjoyed viewing my project as much as I have had creating it. I look forward to hearing from you soon; and if I don’t hear from you before I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

All the Best,
Darren Woolway.

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