In 2014 whilst I was studying for my Ba(Hons) in Digital Photography at Ravensbourne College in London I went to visit Firmin’s in Kent to photograph a couple of their lorries. It was part of a personal project I was working on at the time as wanted to challenge myself to light something a little larger than a car. At this time Firmin were building their new Training Centre and was looking for a couple of images to be printed as canvas shots for the waiting room and therefore it was agreed that I could go and photograph them.

Whilst at Kent Vision Live yesterday I went to walk past the Firmin stand when I noticed my image printed very large in their stand and on their leaflets, I have to say I was so glad to see that they were making good use of it. Now though that I have graduated and the images are a few years old it is time to renew and add to their collection.

Trust Firmin Del livery

Below are the original shots I took back in 2014: