Modified Mazda For Sale

Vibe Audio Mazda 626 GXi 93-97 Ex Demo Car metered by EMMA at 148db

Audio and Interior:

Custom designed interior by Paul at A1 Audio Design.
Custom floor mats by Peter at Autostyle.
Custom embroidered logos on seats designed by Darren Woolway.
Removal of rear view mirror and sunshades replaced with sunstrip.
Heating controls moved to glovebox, fans turned on by switch in center console, 2nd switch is the horn.
Single Din unit cut out to make room for a double din unit.
Steering wheel by Simoni Racing.
2x 15″ 7500W Vibe Black Death Carbon Subwoofers.
4x Black Box Bass Amplifiers 2500W (10000W Total).
4 sets Vibe Black Air 6 Components.
1x Vibe Black Box SP4 Amplifier 1000W.
2x Vibe 1.5F Powercaps.
2x 125Mah Batteries.
Pioneer Double Din touch screen Head Unit.
Audiobahn AX303X 3-Way Electronic Crossover.
Sub box tuned to 32Hz.


Custom bright red base with red and fushia metal flake for main body, Piano black spoiler, boot lid, wing mirrors, strips under rear lights and sideskirts.
Custom airbrushing on bonnet, quarterlites and rear of car by Darren Horton.
Custom Graphics designed by Darren Woolway and installed by Abstract Signs.
3M Carbon Fibre Di-Noc on Roof.
Cut and shut rear door handles.
Cut and shut Sunroof.
Vader Flytrap Front Bumper fibreglassed and smoothed into main body.
Erebuni Sideskirts filled and Fibreglassed to main body.
Shogun spoiler without crossbar.
Pakfiefer Rear bumper reshaped, fibreglassed and smoothed into main body.

Engine and Chassis:

2.0i Mazda 626 GXi 88000 miles
Powerflow Cat-Back, Stainless Steel, twin dual exit Exhaust System.
Custom Air intake.
Custom strut brace.
Apex lowering springs 35mm
17″ Wolfrace Alloys, matt black with red stripe.

The History

The car started as a project about 12 years ago and started life as a Mazda 626 Atlantis 1.8i Manual. The original colour was Polynesian Blue (green). Originally I put in Audiobahn subs as the flame chrome baskets back then looked amazing but after a trip to my local Halfords and playing with their switch panel I found the best quality music came out of the Vibe Audio speakers and it was this that got me to change.

I shipped the front bumper, side skirts and spoiler from America and the rear bumper from Austria. This is the only modified Mazda 626 in the UK so getting parts was not easy and the parts that I did get had to be modified to fit.

As this car is rarely modified engine upgrades were not available without replacing the whole engine for something different so I decided to build the car for Sound Power db instead of BHP. The first system put in was the pretty looking flame grilled Audiobahn subwoofers, several attempts at using these failed to give me the sound quality and pressure I so desired and were ditched for Vibe Audio products. I loved the sound quality of their speakers and so my obsession with Vibe grew.

The green car kept failing its MOT on emission issues as the engine was failing, my uncle had a similar Mazda 626 2.0 but this was a GXi, this was the sports version but was an Auto. So I bought it off of him and started to build up 1 good car from 2, the car was going to be about sound power not engine power so the fact it was auto was no issue as by the time I was finished I had added a 1/4 tonne in weight. I was tempted to convert it to Manual but my father was fed up of having all these half scrap cars hanging about so I had to strip as much as I could off the green one and get rid of it, so never got the chance to get everything I needed to convert it.

I needed a new plan, what was this car going to look and sound like? What didn’t I like about the previous version? Some of my pet hates were how wobbly the side skirts were as they were just screwed to the main body, so my plan was to fibreglass them to the car and fill them so if accidently kicked they wouldn’t crack. The rear spoiler was very heavy and over time the crossbar snapped, so instead of repairing it again I decided it would ‘look good’ to remove the crossbar and smooth the bolt holes in so the spoiler acts just as an aesthetic. The cars bodykit has now been completely smoothed in, so is one piece, the rear door handles have been cut and shut to have a more smooth 3 door look to the car.

People always loved the look of the car from the outside but were never impressed by the interior, so I decided this time I would invest a professional to do the work for me.

I love airbrushing, and really wanted some on my car to make it stand out, so I decided to invest in the best airbrush artist I could find and give him a basic brief. I told him that I would be installing Vibe Audio products who are a British company, so the artwork must be very British, the colour scheme for the car would be red/white/blue. I wanted the Logo to stand out from the bonnet and have tear marks in the bonnet to see the engine bay beneath and maybe have some turboports on them too.

He went away and came up with this plan not to have a torn metal look but to have a torn material look, and instead of showing the engine to have a large floating flag. I have to say it turned out fantastic.

During the stripping of the car the quarterlites had to be removed, but broke in the process. They are extremely expensive to replace so instead I moulded some fibreglass panels to fit in, shaped them and then got them airbrushed with the Black Death skull.

Everything on this project needed to follow through from front to back, inside to outside. Wherever there is a specific logo on the inside it must appear on the outside. Embroidered onto the sub box is the Vibe logo, repeated on the bonnet. On each chair are my “Agent_wahoo 00’Heaven License to Thrill” logos which are airbrushed also on the back of the car. Agent_wahoo has always been my alias on car forum sites, and that is how everyone knows me.

The graphics I designed for the side of the car include a couple of Japanese symbols, one of them says my name Darren, and the other says Black Death to represent the subwoofers.

I wanted the car to stand out and wanted quite a bright colour, lumo colours tend to fade after a few years so I went for the brightest red base I could find and topped it with 2 colours of flake, red and fushia, it is very subtle but when the light hits it right it stands out a mile.

Originally the whole car was going to be red but it became very bland and in your face so needed breaking up a little, this is when the spoiler and wing mirrors became black. The centre of the car also needed breaking up to the roof and centre of the front bumper got treated to some Carbon Fibre Di-Noc.The sideskirts were also painted black. The quarterlites are black too so now you have the finished paint job.

The car needed to sound a little bit beefy but not too loud like the old jap cans, so I decided to go for a one off 4 exit Powerflow exhaust system. I had to customise an air intake kit which was made for an MX-3 and I got Splitfire to make me up some new HT Leads. I used APEX springs for the front of the car lowering the ride by 40mm, and the rear, well that needed no lowering as the weight of the sound system did that.

The sound system now runs 11’000W watts RMS! After playing it for the first time it cracked the brand new screen and had to be replaced again.


A few months later the install was built and ready to start the shows, unfortunately I had missed the start of the season so was already one EMMA Round behind. Neverless I managed to come out with 2x 1st places, 1x 2nd place and 3x 3rd places for the season, I missed out on the season trophy by only a few points which if I had entered all 5 rounds I could have possibly won.

Graphic Plans

Using Photoshop I went about designing a set of graphics for the car, these were then cut and applied. Recently I started looking at sponsorship with Monster and RE Audio so created a new set of graphic ideas for this.

Car Vinyl Application:

Audio Interior

The interior was a bespoke creation and you can see in the images below what it looks like during the day and at night. The most recent addition is the Hydrographic Dipping of the Anime characters which were done the end of last year to the centre console and dash surrounds. The subs are housed in a 10cuft. box ported and tuned to 32Hz, there isn’t one panel on the interior that has not been modified.


The car was only entered into one season of shows but during that time it gained a nice collection of awards as previously mentioned, below are a few images of the awards and shows that were attended.


The car was due to be featured in an issue of Totally Modified magazine, unfortunately the month it was due for release the magazine closed its doors for good. Below are a few miscellaneous images and some which may have made that feature.

Most Recent Images from 7th February 2016

TOTAL SPEND = £18,000

What you should know

Generally all the bodywork is still pretty good apart from a little wear and tear, here are a few areas that if it bothers you may need attention:

Below the corner of the headlights is a slight fibreglass crack –


On the rear sub spoiler  there is a crack in the fibreglass –


Where the car has sat for the last 6 months some condensation has got into the back and created some stains on the leather, I would suggest either stripping the fabric and replacing or strip the fabric, sand down and paint in piano black to match the rest of the car. It may also be worth putting film on the rear screen but I never did as wanted people to see the amp rack. I have also installed a rear view camera for when you are reversing.


Engine – I never built this car for speed, with the extra weight from the sound system and a drop of 40mm ride height front and back meant that this was never going to go on the track. However saying that the extra weight could do with some extra power to pull it. For me this is an unfinished project, I had planned to put her on airbags and upgrade the engine returning it back to a manual car and uprating all the brake system in the process. The end of last year the head gasket blew so the engine at the moment is not running as it needs a new head gasket, but if you were to purchase the car as a project and know a bit about engines then this is the perfect vehicle for you.

Vinyl – Some of the carbon vinyl and roof graphics should be replaced, this is relatively cheap to do.

As you can see this vehicle is steeped in history and has had a lot of love put into it, I am only selling it now as I am planning on starting a new family so do not have the time to make it want I want it to be. If you are interested in seeing or purchasing the car please get in contact with a sensible offer you wish to bid at and I will be in contact if I wish to accept your offer.

Contact Darren on 07849 385 331 or email